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We’re Jack & Bharti, a married couple from the UK who quit our career jobs in early 2017 and have been travelling the world ever since – we’ve been documenting our travels as we enjoy ourselves, knock things off our bucket list and try to get inspired by vegetarian/vegan food from around the world.

You’ll find everything from reviews of hotels, resorts, restaurants and street-eats through to step by step accounts and guides of some of the adventures we’ve experienced that we wanted to share with you. We hope it can be a useful and reference point for you if you are considering similar trips or adventures in the future.

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Travel Writing

Initially this blog was intended to be a record for our travels – when we left London for New Zealand earlier this year we had the intention of simply writing about our travels for family and friends. We’ve driven campers around New Zealand, skuba dived the Great Barrier Reef, climbed volcanoes in Bali, hiked to Everest base camp and much much more.


A lot of the content is just that, travel guides and sharing our experiences. You can find all of this content from the Travel page.

Vegetarian Food

We really didn’t intend for this blog to consider veggie or vegan food at the start but as food is such a big part of our lives and as we’re both pretty much veggie/vegan, our travelling experience early-on really did emphasise how utterly unprepared we were to find decent, accessible and tasty vegetarian food as we travelled country by country.

As such, we now hope that what we’ve written here can help others looking for a decent veggie meal when they are holidaying or travelling.


Whilst we are generally not travelling to specific locations with the sole aim of sampling great vegetarian food, there have been instances where we have and now continue to seek out great veggie options for it’s own sake and this will continue to be a feature of what we do with future content we publish.

If you have any ideas of places we should travel, recommendations on places to eat, or would like us to review specific places, please let us know – we are excited to hear from you! Just use the contact form to get in touch with us – we will reply personally to everyone.