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We are Bharti and Jack, a married couple who quit our London jobs in early 2017. Ever since we have been travelling the world, knocking things off our bucket list and along the way searching for great vegan and vegetarian food.

We decided we’d document some of our travels and the food we’ve been eating as we travel through a range of cultures and countries.

We hope this is not just another travel/food blog – Bharti is a lifetime vegetarian (transitioning to vegan) from a London family who’ve been veggie for generations whereas Jack (from Wigan – might add context), on the other hand, has been a carnivorous lover of animal meat for most of his life.

Now, well on the way to living a vegetarian life, it wasn’t always easy for Bharti to move Jack towards to a more healthy, environmental and arguably more moral lifestyle. Jack, putting taste and flavour and ease above all else when it comes to food, is still disappointed with a lot of the vegetarian options in the market and it’s been for the most part a reluctant transition.


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Our Veggie Meat Man blog is borne of the idea that a meat eater, a health conscious, morally aware human being who enjoys the taste of non-vegetarian food should, in theory, be able to find an abundance of good quality veggie food out there to more than adequately transform their diet without getting the meat pangs.

Yet it’s actually really difficult to find consistently strong options that can both satisfy and offer all the required nutritional value on offer within a standard non-veg diet – some countries do it better than others, cities tend to have better options but even in a place like London, despite a proliferation of veggie cafes and restaurants, getting a good variety is still a challenge.

Accessibility is key for us as well, because its no good seeking out high end eateries and hotels where you have to pay above average prices for fancy vegan cuisine – ultimately, its needs to be affordable for normal people, or otherwise what is the point?

We hope we can find it, because if we do, we’ll be telling you!

Enjoy reading and we’d really appreciate feedback and contributions so please get in touch.

Jack & Bharti