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Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the most healing nutrients for our body. The components in omega 3 EPA and DHA have been shown in many research studies to exhibit a potent anti inflammatory effect. You’ve probably heard of this before and that’s why you’re looking for some of the best sources of omega 3 right?

First I’ll list food sources and then supplements. If you suffer from inflammation of some kind then it’s a good idea to include both a supplement and more of the food sources in your every day dietary plan.

Food Sources of Omega 3

When it comes to omega 3 there are primary and secondary sources. Primary sources contain EPA and DHA in them directly. Secondary sources can be converted in the body to EPA and DHA.

Primary Sources

FoodPer fillet/can
Mackarel2.202gEPA /4.032DHA
Herring – pacific1.788gEPA/1.272DHA
Red salmon fillets with skin- sockeye alaska0.977EPA/1.642DHA
Pink salmon canned0.718EPA/0.685DHA
Tinned sardines-atlantic0.705EPA/0.758DHA
Trout rainbow0.669EPA/0.774DHA
Farmed pink salmon0.586EPA/1.284DHA
Halibut fish0.573EPA/0.429DHA
Tuna canned in water0.198EPA/0.880DHA

Secondary Sources

FoodPer 100g
Cold pressed flaxseed oil53.37g
Chia seeds17.83g
Dried parsley1.75g

Supplement Sources of Omega 3

Cod liver oil is the most popular Omega 3 supplement to take. For a vegetarian source or if you can’t tolerate fish oils like me, then choose flaxseed oil instead.

Fish oilsPer 100g
Menhaden fish oil13.17 EPA/ 8.56 DHA
Salmon fish oil13.02 EPA/18.23 DHA
Sardine fish oil10.14 EPA/10.66 DHA
Cod liver fish oil6.90 EPA/ 10.97 DHA
Herring fish oil6.27 EPA/ 4.21 DHA

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