Top Health Benefits of Oyster

Oyster is the popular name used to talk about diverse families of salt-water bivalve molluscs living in marine. It has been known since the 17th century and consumed widely in New York Harbour by the 19th century for this place’s largest source of these molluscs.

There are multiple types of oysters but only some of them are eaten as a delicacy.

Oyster is considered one of the most nutritious seafood in all over the world for its qualities. This article will point out some nutritional values of this seafood and health benefits it brings as well.

Nutrition facts:

The outstanding benefits of oysters come from its impressive content of vitamins and minerals. Specifically, oysters are famous for its good source of calcium, iron, selenium, zinc as well as other vitamins like vitamin A, C, E and B-12 Vitamins.

The other components include very considerable levels of cholesterol and antioxidants. One more important quality which brings our benefits is omega-3-acid.

Moreover, oysters are well known for the presence of rich.

However, the amount of energy in these molluscs is very low among other seafood: 12 raw oysters covers 110 kilocalories (about 460 kJ).

For these elements, oysters have become an extremely healthy food that we should not ignore.

Health Benefits of Oysters:

Here are the top 5 health benefits of such rough shells that you should add oysters in your diet from now.

Immunity Boosting

Immunity Boosting

A study of some Chinese researchers have found out that the shells of oysters contribute significantly to boost immune cells in your body which greatly helps in inhibiting colds and flu.

Due to its abundance of vitamin C, vitamin E and diverse minerals, oysters play an important role in supporting the body to fight against free radicals which may attack healthy cells, then boosting the immune system.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant contents in oysters, it also help control radicals released in cellular metabolism to keep them mild.

Moreover, the high levels of zinc in oysters also help enhance your immune response by boosting the production of white blood cells more rapidly.

Also, if you are contracting some symptoms of a hematoma, oysters are one of the best home treatments.

Heart Health

Heart health

We can take advantage of oysters in strengthening our heart health in a variety of ways.

Loading with high levels of omega-3- fatty acid, oysters can decrease bad cholesterol blood stream then prevent it from holding on tightly to artery walls.

Moreover, minerals contents in oysters help exclude the chances of suffering cardiovascular disease.

Packed with great source of vitamin E, oysters may strengthen our cellular membranes and make them more flexible.

In addition, magnesium in oysters also aids in decreasing the blood pressure and potassium supports inrelieving tension in blood vessels.



Health benefit of these molluscs for bone health comes from the impressive nutritional profile of minerals in oysters.

Loading with a huge amount of calcium, zinc, copper and selenium, oysters are responsible for enhancing your bone, thereby useful in preventing from arthritis, osteoporosis and many skin complaints.

Thanks to the large contents of zinc in oysters, they prove to be an excellent way to promote tissue repair and growth, which are essential to bone development.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

It is said that oysters are regarded as the age-old aphrodisiac. Specifically, oysters can help improve sexual performance along with libido, especially in male. This is because of the abundant amount of zinc in oysters. Zinc can help your body produce more testosterone, known as a hormone critical in managing sexual function. As such, by adding oysters in your diet, your sexual drive will get well-improved.

Researchers recently also pointed out that oysters contain amino acids that lead to the production of sex hormones which cure men struggling with sexual dysfunction.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The last impressive health benefits of oysters in this list is their abilities to support you in losing weight.

Oysters are known as one of the most nutrient foods because of its lowest calories but good source of protein. This leads to making you feel fuller for longer. Eating too little protein may trigger a sluggish metabolism which makes you harder to shift excess weight. Oysters help you progress in losing weight due to their protein packed ingredients, boosting your metabolic system.

Besides, oysters can improve your losing process by providing omega fatty acids. These acids are useful to enhance insulin sensitivity, then keep you look leaner as you consume carbohydrates in your diet.

Furthermore, oysters are a great source of iron, which is helpful to transport blood throughout your body and delay your tired feeling during heavy activities so that you can work out longer and harder.

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