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Out of Control Appetite? 5 Practical Tips to Rein In


Yesterday I wrote about the mechanisms behind appetite control and regulation. I recommend you read that post here.

The short of it is that if you currently have an out-of-control appetite, it is not just your willpower or lack of personal control!

It all has to do with hormones and neuroregulation of the body’s metabolism.

So today I’m going to give you some practical tips to take control of the reins and bring your appetite back into balance.

5 Tips to Rein In An Out-of-Control Appetite

1. Reduce sugar and carbohydrates

When we can master carbs, we can master appetite and metabolism!

Excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption produce more insulin, which blocks the leptin signal and this means we always feel hungry.

Sugar is a refined carbohydrate. So are all the white things, white flour, white pasta, white bread and so forth.

Sugar and simple carbs absolutely have to get cut if you really want to rein in your out-of-control appetite.

Have you noticed that when you eat chocolate or sugar you just want more?

Sure, we love the taste of sugar but it’s more than that, it’s our hormones and brain responding as well.

You also want to limit your intake of whole grains like brown rice or gluten-free wholemeal pasta. All carbohydrates increase insulin and although these don’t increase insulin as fast, keeping them to around 2-3 serves a day is the limit. One serve is equal to 1/2 cup.

2. Take a short walk after meals

The main time we produce insulin and generate a hormone response is directly after meals. So one great way to decrease the production of insulin, and increase our insulin sensitivity and leptin signalling is to take a short walk after meals.

It doesn’t have to be a power walk, just a stroll is good enough. This greatly improves the neuro-regulating response of our hormones, helping that appetite come back into balance.

3. Increase vegetable intake

Vegetables are a source of carbohydrates as well, which is something many people are not aware of.

In fact, they are the best source of carbohydrates we can include in our diet because of their positive effect on gut bacteria, inflammation, appetite, and many other things.

You MUST eat at least 5 serves a day but getting more is even better.

I’ve found that most people do not eat enough vegetables and it’s one easy practical way you can improve your appetite.

4. Increase healthy fats

Don’t fear fat, fear sugar!

Fat is not the enemy and does not make you fat, sugar does. The whole fat thing is a myth!

Well, that is if you eat healthy fat like olive oil, coconut oil, butter, macadamia nut oil, flaxseed oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

We need fat for many important functions in the body, so make sure you include some healthy fats with every meal.

5. Eat an Anti-Inflammatory diet

Inflammation in the body interrupts many metabolic functions, including appetite.

So when we eat an anti-inflammatory diet, we naturally improve many things.

If you follow these simple tips, you WILL regain control of that out-of-control appetite, I guarantee it!

Start with the sugar and refined carbohydrates because even that will greatly reduce your appetite so you feel more in control.

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